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Xiaomi Play2 3D VR Headset

by Techie Crunch

In the world of technology, Xiaomi becomes popular brand among people. Now Xiaomi is prepared to launch its second VR viewer, the Mi VR play 2. Like all other devices of Xiaomi, the Mi VR play is intended to lower their barrier to entry for customers looking to try out the platform.

The VR play accommodates any phone with a screen size between 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches, the proposed resolution of 1080P or more. It is compatible with Google Cardboard apps. The lens type of VR play is spherical lenses with field of view is 93°. The material of the headset is Dragon cloth PC/ABS with electronic high elastic cotton and high elastic nylon headband. It has an integrated hardware level motion sensor with 16ms latency. The weight of the headset is 183g.

The headset inner part (where you stick your face in) does not create any problem for the person with a large head, even when wearing glasses. There’s a simple flap at the front to keep your phone in place. The straps of the headset, which hold your head ensures that it does not wobble when you move your head. The button on the top of the headset can be easily found and press.

About a year ago, when Xiaomi launched its first VR play with a zipper design to secure phone inside it. But the weight is too high as compared to the new and updated version that is released in China in advance this year. Now Xiaomi does a good job to overcome the weight of VR play 2. This is because people like Xiaomi because they always provide their customers good services.

The usage of the Mi VR play 2 is quite straightforward – run cardboard app, watch VR movies on you tube or find any other apps on Google Play Store which supports cardboard app. You could go searching in all guidelines, with good 3-D impact. We can easily hear the sound of the video using headphones. We can also play games that require remote controller support with a track-pad and 9-axis motion sensor or use Bluetooth controller. The headset is designed to work with the newly introduced mobile phones of Xiaomi such as Mi Note 2, Mi 5s, Mi 5s plus, and the Mi 5.

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