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SEO with WordPress [GUIDE] (PART 3)

by Techie Crunch

Now in SEO [GUIDE] (Part 3), we’ll discuss the following two practices.

  • Add Site to Google Search Console
  • Optimizing Blog Posts

Add Site to Google Search Console

Google Search Console serves as an incredible source of technical data. Which gives information about your website’s organic visibility and performance. It’s important to properly set up your website in Search Console by adding all variations of your domain as properties that you manage.

Let’s expect the domain call of the website is https://example.com/.

The right first step here is to feature the following to Google Search Console as a brand new belongings:



Next, upload the WWW model as a belongings (even supposing it redirects to the non-WWW model):


In this example, each URL above redirect to the HTTPS model of the site.


Notice that you must especially include “https://” whilst adding these properties, that you did not have to do with the HTTP version.



To summarize, for any website on its very own domain and being served simplest from the HTTP-protocol, two variations of your domain need to be present in Google Search Console.


Optimizing Blog Posts

For optimizing your Blog posts you need to follow these practices

  • Be consistent
  • Write better headline
  • Promote Your Blog Posts On Social Media
  • Use High-Quality Image, graphics and videos
Be Consistence

It’s not just a count of publishing greater blog content material, however more consistent blog content material. If you post every day blog post one week and the following week goes silent, your target audience may scratch their head in confusion.

In case you say you publish every Sunday, readers start to count on that you’ll continually have new content material on that day. If weeks move by without new content, they’ll stop journeying your blog due to the fact you’ve disappeared. Make sure how frequently you submit doesn’t sacrifice the quality of what you’re generating.

Write better headline

The headline of your web blog post should be better. Because the headline is the first thing a reader sees before clicking a link. Research shows that readers don’t constantly read the total blog identify earlier than identifying if the post is worth studying as a substitute, they skim for the maximum important facts and make a brief choice. To click or not to click the link.

Promote Your Blog Posts On Social Media

You recognize that tweeting or posting your blog articles on social media is a clever manner to increase your visitors. By socializing you can boost your new posts because most of your social media followers aren’t analyzing every single post you publish, so promoting articles more than one instance, will increase your attain.

Use High-Quality Image, graphics and videos

Written content alone can only do so much, but if you add some high quality pictures, videos, it makes your content not only beautiful but also interesting. Our brains process visuals quicker than text, so telling your story through pictures is prime.


TOP TIP: Give your pictures, names relevant to the target keyword of the blog post. You may be amazed that it pops up in Google photo search sending you a little greater traffic!



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