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HTC Unveiled the Vive Pro – VR Headset

by Techie Crunch

Everybody looking to make investments within the flagship VR headset. This month at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, HTC unveiled the Vive Pro at their press conference. The 3k resolution of 2880 x 1600 is progressing over its present day version’s predecessor. Which gives it a 78% increase over the vanilla Vive’s 2160 x 1200 decision.

When HTC first announced the HTC Vive people were skeptical: Oculus had been the only real player in the VR world, and many thought that the Vive wouldn’t be able to compete with the experience the Rift could offer.

HTC Vive Pro Design

First, you‘ll notice the outer body of the Vive Pro comes with a new blue shell. Elsewhere, you’ll see blackish or grayish color VR Headset. In Vive Pro you’ll see built-in headphones that deliver 3D spatial audio; dual cameras on the front of the headset. And a brand new head strap which seems a bit like the Vive Deluxe Audio strap.



Lets look at the specs of HTC Vive Pro:

3.5 inches
1440 x 1600
(2880 x 1600)
615 PPI
110 degrees
Refresh rate
USB-C 3.0
Display-Port 1.2

HTC Vive Pro Cost:

Back in April 2016, Consumer Vive can currently be purchased for as low as $600, a full $200 less. It changed in August 2017 that the Consumer Vive dipped down to $600 to stay aggressive in the face of Oculus’ $400 rift + contact package. The Vive changed into priced to attraction to consumers at launch whilst it carried an $800 charge tag. And no longer become may professional customers, meaning HTC wants to feasible put Vive Pro in even a better fee class than what become seen returning in April 2016.

As stated, the Vive pro comes with two cameras on the front, up from the one of the regular Vive. This is there to assist “Empower Developer, Creativity”. Which is an indistinct manner to mention that builders can discern out the way to use it for themselves.

The Vive Pro is not a developer-simplest device both, as HTC says the gadget is for “VR fans”. The Vive Pro turned out to be the primary desire for VR fanatics. It is clear that HTC wants to ensure its playground is the only where everyone who’s intensely interested by VR is located. The Vive isn’t about being all and has a passing interest in VR Headset.  You might be better off with something like a Mobile Headset, a Home windows blended truth headset or an Oculus rift.


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